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A Plastic Rain Barrel Provides Many Benefits For The Home

March 21st, 2009


A plastic rain barrel offers many benefits such as saving water, reducing your water bill and helping the environment. This article reviews some reasons why a plastic rain barrel is a good addition to your home and why you should consider one.

Have you ever looked outside during a particularly strong rain shower and thought about all that water that was going to waste? Even a halfway decent summer shower can produce thousands of gallons of water in an amazingly short period of time. Oftentimes, all that water is simply wasted, which is a shame really when you could be collecting at least a small portion of it with rain barrels.

Rain barrels are particularly handy devices to have around the house especially if you are concerned about reducing your consumption of water from your mains source-as you should be. Not only can they reduce your water bill considerably, they also have a far-reaching effect on your immediate locality and on the environment in general.

If every one of us installed rain barrels around our property, we can greatly reduce the amount of water that seeps into the ground, stripping the top soil of essential nutrients and possibly even leaching pollutants into the water table underneath. Installing rain barrels can also lessen the load on your city’s sewage and water treatment facilities.

<—- Here’s a great little video on how a recycled food barrel can be used as a plastic rain barrel —->


With all the benefits that these can bring to the environment, there are more than enough reasons why we should have them around the home. Even without these benefits however, the water that we can collect from them can be useful for our own daily needs. The water that you collect in rain barrels can be used for a wide variety of tasks that do not require potable water, such as watering plants or livestock for instance, and even for washing clothes, cars, driveways, and tools. These are all uses that we do not have to depend on the mains water supply for, and for which rain barrels are particularly useful.

small rain barrels

Rain barrels are not that hard to make either, or-if you choose to buy one-that expensive. In fact, you can make do with any number of commonly available household materials and improvise rain barrels that will do more than an adequate job of collecting water. When making rain barrels out of household materials however, it is important to make sure that you use only food grade plastic. Other types of materials may contain chemicals that can leach into the collected water, thereby restricting their potential use.

The rain barrell can be strategically located in an area of your property where they will be able to collect the most amount of water. Underneath water spouts that connect from your roof are good examples, and this will allow for more efficient water collection.

As a means of reducing your impact on the environment and to help you save on water costs, rain barrels simply cannot be beat!

Author: Al Zan

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