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Buy Rain Barrel

May 1st, 2009


Rain Barrel SalesBuy a rain barrel. Not only will it help the environment, but it will also help your wallet. This artilcle discusses some of the reasons why you should want to buy a rain barrel.

There is an immediate need for water conservation because the world’s available supply of fresh water is shrinking; one way to help conserve water is with the installation of a rain barrel.

Right now there are 600 million people in the world who are living with water-scarcity problems. According to Population Action International, by the year 2025 there will be between 2.7 billion and 3.2 billion people who are living in water-scarce or water-stressed conditions. The two main contributors to the water problem are global warming, which turns fertile land into arid deserts, and man-made creations, which alter ground- water run-off patterns.

Each North American consumes an average of 350 liters of water inside the home each day. There are parts of the world that do not have any fresh water yet much of our valuable drinking water is wasted in our yard. We have to remember, however, that treated water does not provide any added benefit for plants. City watering restrictions are usually put into place for these warmer months. Even with restrictions that cities put on water during this time, water usage often increases up to 50% in the warm weather, due to lawn and garden watering.

One of the easiest things you can do to save water while still watering your plants, is to install a rain barrel. A rain barrel hooks up to the downspout of your home to collect and store rain water until it is needed for your lawn and garden. Rain barrels help the environment, help to water your plants, and help to accentuate your backyard decor. For example, Algreen’s rain barrels are very elegantly designed, with smooth clay-like contours, and an elegant planter on its top. Algreen’s rain barrels are made in Canada and are designed to withstand a Canadian winter. They include a lifetime warranty on the enclosure, and the Cascata rain barrel now comes in a Deluxe Model which includes a pump-driven watering system.

Author: Gerry Fung

For more information about Algreen’s line of rain barrels and composters, go to

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5 Great Rain Barrel Designs

Rain barrels are actually great DIY projects where you can make your own for less than $15. You can also buy some pretty snazzy models.

Buy Rain Barrels and More

So, I have been thinking that it would be good for all of us to work on making our house a bit more green. I would like to buy rain barrels and more. I was thinking that I would start with a rain barrel and maybe a compost bin.

Mother’s Day Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas – Gifts To Help Mom Go Green

What would your mom (or wife) want with a barrel of rain water? There’sa lot of uses for collected rain water that are good for the environment and her water bill.

Watering Plants – Buy a Rain Barrel

One way to ensure that your plants are getting the moisture they need without breaking the bank is to install a rain barrel. Rain barrels harvest free water that’s relatively pure and great for watering garden plants.

Thrifty Green Gardening

Buy a rain barrel – just an inch of rain from part of our roof runoff filled our 55-gallon barrel last week. We’ll use that to water the garden and our freshly planted trees until it runs out (or rains again).

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A Plastic Rain Barrel Provides Many Benefits For The Home

March 21st, 2009


A plastic rain barrel offers many benefits such as saving water, reducing your water bill and helping the environment. This article reviews some reasons why a plastic rain barrel is a good addition to your home and why you should consider one.

Have you ever looked outside during a particularly strong rain shower and thought about all that water that was going to waste? Even a halfway decent summer shower can produce thousands of gallons of water in an amazingly short period of time. Oftentimes, all that water is simply wasted, which is a shame really when you could be collecting at least a small portion of it with rain barrels.

Rain barrels are particularly handy devices to have around the house especially if you are concerned about reducing your consumption of water from your mains source-as you should be. Not only can they reduce your water bill considerably, they also have a far-reaching effect on your immediate locality and on the environment in general.

If every one of us installed rain barrels around our property, we can greatly reduce the amount of water that seeps into the ground, stripping the top soil of essential nutrients and possibly even leaching pollutants into the water table underneath. Installing rain barrels can also lessen the load on your city’s sewage and water treatment facilities.

<—- Here’s a great little video on how a recycled food barrel can be used as a plastic rain barrel —->


With all the benefits that these can bring to the environment, there are more than enough reasons why we should have them around the home. Even without these benefits however, the water that we can collect from them can be useful for our own daily needs. The water that you collect in rain barrels can be used for a wide variety of tasks that do not require potable water, such as watering plants or livestock for instance, and even for washing clothes, cars, driveways, and tools. These are all uses that we do not have to depend on the mains water supply for, and for which rain barrels are particularly useful.

small rain barrels

Rain barrels are not that hard to make either, or-if you choose to buy one-that expensive. In fact, you can make do with any number of commonly available household materials and improvise rain barrels that will do more than an adequate job of collecting water. When making rain barrels out of household materials however, it is important to make sure that you use only food grade plastic. Other types of materials may contain chemicals that can leach into the collected water, thereby restricting their potential use.

The rain barrell can be strategically located in an area of your property where they will be able to collect the most amount of water. Underneath water spouts that connect from your roof are good examples, and this will allow for more efficient water collection.

As a means of reducing your impact on the environment and to help you save on water costs, rain barrels simply cannot be beat!

Author: Al Zan

For more on rain barrels and where to find discounts, visit

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Rainbarrel For Home And Garden

February 11th, 2009


Back To Barrels
by: News Canada 7ebbec

 home rain barrels(NC)-Reusing rainwater is not a new concept. Families have saved water in ponds, cisterns, buckets and barrels for centuries for use in watering, washing and even drinking. In fact, this practice is still common in many parts of the world.

Nevertheless, almost 40% of household H2O in Canada is used to water lawns and gardens. This is extraordinarily inefficient. It’s also unnecessary. "Using a rain barrel to catch water flowing from eaves troughs is a simple, cheap and effective way to water our lawns and gardens," Derril Linseman, Product Manager at Home Hardware is quick to point out. In fact, if your town bans watering during the dry season, a rain barrel may be the only way to get your greenery the water it needs.

Rainwater is air-temperature, oxygenated and unchlorinated – all of which make it better for plants than municipal tap water. As an added bonus, rain barrels divert rainwater from our sewers onto porous ground. This means that it gets filtered through layers of soil and rock before it ends up in ground water aquifers, lakes or streams. Without rain barrels, this water goes straight into our sewers, often causing overflows of raw sewage into the natural environment.

Setting up a rain barrel is simple. They’re available at most Home Hardware and Home Building Centre locations for anywhere from $75 for a basic model to $150 for the deluxe variety. High-end barrels come equipped with screen filters, overflow hoses and taps.

Once you’ve got your barrel, simply remove the bottom section of your eaves trough’s downspout and set the barrel underneath. Then attach plastic tubing or flexible piping to the bottom of the spout to direct water straight into your barrel. It’s really that simple. And the benefits are almost immeasurable.


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This article was posted on May 10, 2003

How A Rainy Day Can Save You Money

Rain barrels are fairly inexpensive so you shouldn’t have to spend a lot of money on this but if you really want to be frugal about it then you should make your own rainbarrel.

Decorative Rainbarrel

Since water is an ever decreasing precious resource, it only makes sense to look into the many benefits that rain barrels can offer you as well as the environment.


Rain barrel water collection is an excellent way to save rain water when we have it, and use on our gardens and lawns later. Also, rain water is so much better than faucet water for plants.

RainbBarrel: Gotta Have One 

Gotta have a rain barrel in this drought in Atlanta. What a great way to save water! 

Save On Your Water Consumption With Rain Barrels

Do you know that you can actually harvest rainwater and save them for future use? Yes, you can actually use the rainwater for your garden with the use of rain barrels.

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Rain Water Barrels, The Water Saving Rain Barrel For The Home

February 8th, 2009


Rain water barrels make it so easy save water. This article tells you why they are so important.

With environmental concerns currently making headlines all over the world, water conservation is fast becoming an important concern. Whether you are presently in the midst of a drought in your area or you are currently experiencing a lot of rain, rain barrels can have a significant on your water consumption and its impact on the environment.

With water obviously being a precious commodity and an increasingly scarce resource, rain barrels allow you to harvest rainwater and thereby make more efficient use of it as an available water source. Aside from helping you significantly reduce your water consumption, the water you collect in rain barrels is also ideally suited for a number of uses. Since rainwater is generally pure and soft, it is ideal of irrigation purposes around the home.

raindrops rain barrelsWhat You Need to Know about Rain Barrels

Collecting water in rain barrels will allow you to lessen your consumption of water from the water mains system, thereby saving you a considerable amount of money in water costs. In addition, you will be less dependent on the water supply in your area, which is a particularly important concern for people that live in places that have limited water supply. A further benefit is that you have a lot more water available to you, which can be used in anything from watering your lawn to washing your cars and windows.

Many people have used a number of commonly available materials such as cans and jars as sort of improvised rain barrels. While these will do an adequate enough job of collecting rainwater, you will get better results by buying commercially available rain barrels.

These are offered in a variety of sizes, with 55 gallon rain barrels being the most commonly available. Many of these commercially available rain barrels also include features such as spouts and faucets for connecting to other gardening implements.

To help keep the collected rainwater clean and free from contaminants, some rain barrels may also have screens built onto them.

And if you want to have even more rainwater available for use, you can look into rain barrels that are designed to hook up to other rain barrels, increasing the amount of water that you are able to collect.

It is clear that rain barrels can have a greatly beneficial impact on your water consumption…and consequently, your impact on the environment…as well as reducing the amount of money that you spend on water utility bills. Using rain barrels at home will also help educate your children on how to save water, and possibly give them a lesson in water conservation that they will carry with them for a lifetime.

Author: Albert Zan
For info on rain barrels, see

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Rain barrel water collection is an excellent way to save rain water when we have it, and use on our gardens and lawns later.

Conserve Water and Save Money: Buy a Rain Barrel

Purchase a rain barrel and do your part to conserve water. In return, get the personal benefit of savings on your water bill.

Save on Your Water Consumption with Rain Barrels

Do you know that you can actually harvest rainwater and save them for future use? Yes, you can actually use the rainwater for your garden with the use of rain barrels.

Waste Not Want Not: Personal Rain Water Barrels

Some savvy gardeners are turning to low-tech solutions to water their yards. Rain barrels have made a comeback in recent years.

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