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Rain Water Barrels, The Water Saving Rain Barrel For The Home

February 8th, 2009


Rain water barrels make it so easy save water. This article tells you why they are so important.

With environmental concerns currently making headlines all over the world, water conservation is fast becoming an important concern. Whether you are presently in the midst of a drought in your area or you are currently experiencing a lot of rain, rain barrels can have a significant on your water consumption and its impact on the environment.

With water obviously being a precious commodity and an increasingly scarce resource, rain barrels allow you to harvest rainwater and thereby make more efficient use of it as an available water source. Aside from helping you significantly reduce your water consumption, the water you collect in rain barrels is also ideally suited for a number of uses. Since rainwater is generally pure and soft, it is ideal of irrigation purposes around the home.

raindrops rain barrelsWhat You Need to Know about Rain Barrels

Collecting water in rain barrels will allow you to lessen your consumption of water from the water mains system, thereby saving you a considerable amount of money in water costs. In addition, you will be less dependent on the water supply in your area, which is a particularly important concern for people that live in places that have limited water supply. A further benefit is that you have a lot more water available to you, which can be used in anything from watering your lawn to washing your cars and windows.

Many people have used a number of commonly available materials such as cans and jars as sort of improvised rain barrels. While these will do an adequate enough job of collecting rainwater, you will get better results by buying commercially available rain barrels.

These are offered in a variety of sizes, with 55 gallon rain barrels being the most commonly available. Many of these commercially available rain barrels also include features such as spouts and faucets for connecting to other gardening implements.

To help keep the collected rainwater clean and free from contaminants, some rain barrels may also have screens built onto them.

And if you want to have even more rainwater available for use, you can look into rain barrels that are designed to hook up to other rain barrels, increasing the amount of water that you are able to collect.

It is clear that rain barrels can have a greatly beneficial impact on your water consumption…and consequently, your impact on the environment…as well as reducing the amount of money that you spend on water utility bills. Using rain barrels at home will also help educate your children on how to save water, and possibly give them a lesson in water conservation that they will carry with them for a lifetime.

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Rain barrel water collection is an excellent way to save rain water when we have it, and use on our gardens and lawns later.

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